the sleep deprived


sleepSleep, it’s either I’m having too little of it or too much. I can’t remember the last time I had a week of decent night’s sleep. I get too little sleep on weekdays and way too much on weekends.

Like today, I went to bed at about 1am, but I fell asleep mga 4am na. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? To think na kailangan ko pang gumising ng 6am for my 7:30 am class, and unfortunately enough, 7:30PM din ang out ko. Kumusta naman yun? (I dont usually use that expression though :-x)

Hay. Oh well, everything else is quite ok today. Bangag-bangagan lang sa klase and labs dahil sa kakulangan ng kaukulang tulog. Hehe. I resort to stealing a few minutes of sleep nalang sa malamig naming library during breaks.

I have to go home na pala, may utos pa sakin ang Ate ko. Just posted an entry here for the sake of posting an entry.

Gotta go. Bye! 😀


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