Try Again


Still here… trying out my wordpress blog once more 😀 Seems to be uploading pics pretty well now. Hmmm… Haven’t been updating lately in any of my blogs. I actually made another blog after setting this up because I had some trouble uploading pics here, but now, seems everything is fine again. Anyhow…

The pics you see below are the newest photos I tweaked (or more like majorly overhauled) using Adobe Photoshop.

I used the pics I had from our Beracay trip with my family. “Beracay” because it was last DecemBER, and we went to Boracay. Hehe. I always find it weird when someone goes to the beach during BER months, I have a low resistance to really cold temperatures kasi eh. But when we were there, it was nice because hindi siya sing crowded compared to the summer season.

Here they are:

boracay beach bum

Just click on the thumbnail to view the whole pic. Enjoy. I’m looking for more pics to practice on, so if you like what you see, just hit me up and I’ll try to do something nice to your pics din. Ciao for now 😀


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