Macau Summer 2008!


face value – Originally uploaded by jeighcee

Finally in a foreign country. Woohoo!

So I’m here instead of summer class. I arrived last Sunday and so far I’ve visited…

1. Reservatorio (Reservoir)
2. Fisherman’s Wharf
3. Cable Car to Guia Fortress
3. Guia Fortress
4. Senado Square
5. St. Paul Ruins (pictured)
6. Macau Museum
7. A-Ma Temple (just outside, pagod nako umakyat eh)

You can view the rest of the pics I uploaded on my flickr. Not all of those I took though, I found out na 200 photos lang pala kasi pwede for free acounts. Bummer.

Anyway. Ayun. Masaya. If only this cold and cough I’m suffering from would finally go away, then everything would be just perfect. hehe. I’m staying here at my Mom’s. Will be going back to Manila on the 12th of May, so just taking my time here. Ciao! 😀


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