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I just realized very recently that the word Bitch actually refers to female dogs! But somehow, in the modern sense, that word really fits my cat Miming! Haha. My sister came up with that word to describe her when Miming (pronounced Mee-ming) was being particularly bitchy with Ben (my sister’s  5month old Beagle). Ben was […]

Paper Cranes 2


See? Told ya I’m hooked on paper cranes. And I actually made an even smaller one! Just about the size of a 1 Peso Coin. Look!

Paper Cranes


Origami figures really are much better looking (and more challenging to do) when their made smaller. I’ve learned Origami back when I was a kid and I can still pretty much do the figures I knew how to make back then. The “paper crane” unfortunately I learned quite later when I was preoccupied with other […]

GREAT MOVIE OVERALL!!! I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the flight scenes which was just breathtaking on 3D. Most importantly though, I really liked the story. Won’t say anything about it here though. I believe my rusty writing skills just won’t do it any justice. It’s been 3 years since I last blogged remember? 😀 […]

The Bitch


I own a cat. Or should I say aside from people and a dog, there’s also a cat living in this house with us. Owning would never be an appropriate term to use on cats because you never really own one. Case in point is this cat I’m talking about. I just call her “miming” […]