Clinical Bacteriology


Just wanted to put a record here of my progress in our final unknown in Clinical Bacteriology. We were given a bacterial suspension (the “unknown”) yesterday and we inoculated it in Blood Agar Plates and Mac Conkey Agar media then incubated for 24 hours.

Here’s what I came up with when we checked it out kanina…  As you can see on the pic below, it has gamma-hemolytic colonies which are very thick and aggregating… probably due to the slightly wet (really bad) BAP we all were using.

Clinical Bacteriology

to be identified for Clinical Bacteriology

Don’t ask me what happened to the one planted on the MAC… Halos di na makita yung streaking pattern dahil nag-swarm, again probably due to the wet medium plus sabi ni Sir Ems (our lab technician) baka na-contaminate daw. It has clear colonies sa gitna, then sa mga colonies sa gilid medyo nag-pink, so you cant tell anymore if it’s a lactose fermenting bacteria or not. No worries naman cause we can determine that sa TSI.

So anyways, back to the BAP. I did Gram Staining as well this afternoon; twice actually. I had to make sure I really had a Gram (-) bacteria because it grew on MAC kahit papano. I think nakulangan ako ng decolorization the first time kaya may naiwang purple cells. Nung inulit ko, without pagmamadali and observing proper staining techniques, nawala naman ung mga false gram (+) cells and pure pink na silang lahat. If you observe the pic below, their actually rod shaped in… uhm… I’m not sure kasi may mga single, may magka-pair, may mga areas din na magkakadikit sila talaga so I cant tell wether the arrangement is single, in pairs, or in clusters. Sabi basta may nakita ka daw ilang humiwalay mag-isa na cells, single na daw yun. Oh well….

Clinical Bacteriology

final unkown's gram stain

Anyways, I did the biochemical tests soon after staining. I did oxidase which gave a negative result (no purple end color), catalase positive (vigourous bubble formation), and the Enterobactariaceae tests namely TSI, SIM, SCA, and LIA; the results of which requires 24 hours of incubation so I’ll get to that tomorrow.

So, after 2 days of action, the results for my final microbiology unknown are:

  • Gram (-) bacilli with singular arrangement
  • Gamma (non) – hemolytic bacteria
  • Catalase (+)
  • and Oxidase (-)

Will get to the rest of the biochem tests tomorrow and I’ll see if I can make an interpretation by then. That’ll be all for now. Ciao 😀


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