Today I was able to interpret the results for the biochemical tests I did for my final unknown in Clinical Bacteriology lab. So far, from my last post, we already know that my unknown is a gram (-) bacilli, catalase (+), oxidase (-) with thick non-hemolytic colonies on BAP.

The biochem test’s result naman revealed the following…

  • Triple Sugar Iron (TSI) = A/A (lactose fermenter), gas production (+), and H2S (-)
  • Sulfide Indole Motility (SIM) = motile (), indole (-), H2S (-)
  • Simmon Citrate Agar (SCA) = citrate (+)
  • and Lysine Iron Agar (LIA) = K/A lysine deamination (-)

If you noticed there’s no sign on whether it is motile (+) or non motile (-). That’s because I’m so unsure. Well, actually I was so sure it was motile when I left the lab this afternoon but when I got home, right now while I’m making my written report, I decided to look at pictures of Enterobacter cloacae and Klebsiella pneumonia online.

I stumbled upon a picture of K.pneumonia on BAP and its so similar to my unknown’s growth on BAP…. which is unfortunate and is what made me hesitant because I was so sure it was E.cloacae because it’s motile and K. pneumonia is non-motile. But now, looking back, I feel like it wasn’t really motile on the SIM tube cause it wasn’t totally hazy on the point of inoculation. Gosh…  To think that I even performed hanging-drop microscopic technique just to see the motility and because of a stupid picture online, I got confused. I hate this!!!


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