Plants Vs. Zombies…


Hands down one of the most entertaining and challenging computer games I have ever played. I absolutely love it. I’m more of a RPG (role playing game) gamer and I’m not really into strategy games but I just cant help but get hooked with PVZ. I used to just play this in my friend’s computer or at internet cafes to pass the time but now that we have it at home, I’m in gaming heaven 😀

Just finished all the levels of the Adventure Mode. Not really a big fan of the Puzzle and Mini Games mode so I was really glad I finally unlocked the Survival mode when I finished the Adventure.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

So far natapos ko na rin yung DAY level ng Survival. More Survival games to go. Hehehe.


2 Responses to “Plants Vs. Zombies…”

  1. I have it for my ipod touch talk about distraction at work…lol…but there’s no survival mode on this one, after you beat the adventure…you unlock quick play with some fun bonus games…i cant wait for the next 1

  2. haha. I’d love to be able to take this game anywhere too. but Im good with playing it at home for now 😀

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