I checked Wikipedia and I found out that the first Predator film was actually released the same year I was born. About a month before I was born to be exact. Knowing that now is pretty weird because I grew up watching Predator movies I and II and is probably one of the first films that really got me to love movies. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old when I was able to watch the first one with Arnold (insert last name here) on cable. The second one with Danny Glover I didn’t like as much but I still enjoyed.

Looking back now, I realize It was such a great suspense and adventure movie for me. Stranded in the jungle with an unknown creature killing you off one by one and in the end, you find yourself on your own and have to face this scary, dangerous extraterrestrial once and for all.

I just loved it. And now, 2010, we get to see a remake. Hmmm… hope they do this one right. Maybe I will like this new one too but we’ll see 😀 Let’s just enjoy the trailer for now.


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