The Bitch

The Bitch

Miming about 10 months old

I own a cat. Or should I say aside from people and a dog, there’s also a cat living in this house with us. Owning would never be an appropriate term to use on cats because you never really own one. Case in point is this cat I’m talking about. I just call her “miming” (probably the tagalog equivalent of the term “kitty”) since I’ve never had the habit of naming cats. They all respond to high pitched calls of “miming” anyway.

Miming came to existence inside a trash can in a parking lot of a plush mall in Makati. Clinging on the inside walls of the trash can and meowing with all her might in that small kitten voice of hers, she was probably just more than 2 weeks old at that time. That was about a year ago. With the help of a friend of mine who found her and decided to bring her home inside an empty juice box, she somehow found her way here in our house and she’s been here ever since.

If I had to guess at who she was and how she got there, I would say her mother was a stray and she was born in a place where cats were unwanted, people there probably took the litter away to different places just to get rid of them. And with the behavior she’s been exhibiting since she got here, I would say she never really felt any genuine care. My sister was able to give a spot on description of her behavior. “She’s such a bitch!”

She doesn’t purr, she hates being touched or caressed, but she likes play fighting A LOT. Touch her a bit and she would end up scratching or biting you thinking that that is exactly what you want from her. And she enjoys it. Play fighting is probably the only fun she knows of having, aside from eating expensive cat food of course. She only eats canned Whiskas or the dry Friskies.

Talk about a true rags to riches story. From the trash can to expensive cat food. But to her credit she does eat some left over fish from dinner though.


One Response to “The Bitch”

  1. 1 reg

    pretty, lucky, little and cute bitch 😀

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