Paper Cranes

Pink Paper Crane

pink paper crane

pink paper crane and me

pink paper crane and me

Origami figures really are much better looking (and more challenging to do) when their made smaller. I’ve learned Origami back when I was a kid and I can still pretty much do the figures I knew how to make back then. The “paper crane” unfortunately I learned quite later when I was preoccupied with other things and so I wasn’t quite as able to absorb the steps on how to make them.

My friends thought me how to make them a few weeks ago and I’ve been drawn to making them ever since. They really are just so elegant and beautiful. I also like the fact that it’s not all flat that there’s actually a wide body between the wings. They’re not so simple, yet their not quite complicated and advanced paper folding as well. Just about in between. I just love it.

I’ve probably made more than 10 of them. From scraps of paper in my room, to fast food receipts, and just about every other paper I could pick up when I feel like passing the time. I’m still urging myself to make a thousand paper cranes and get that magic wish 😀


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