The Bitch (Episode 2)


I just realized very recently that the word Bitch actually refers to female dogs! But somehow, in the modern sense, that word really fits my cat Miming! Haha. My sister came up with that word to describe her when Miming (pronounced Mee-ming) was being particularly bitchy with Ben (my sister’s  5month old Beagle). Ben was being quite hyperactive and playful that day and decided to channel his happiness on Miming.

So when the Beagle was taunting and barking at the Cat, wanting to get close and play with her, she went all Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon on him. She felt so threatened and mad the hair on her back stood up. She never really got to injuring him with her sharp claws thought. Thank God. It seems Ben is quite adept at evading her weapons.

See Miming hates being touched and caressed and the only interaction she enjoys with other species is when she can bite and scratch them. She hates being touched and played with and when Ben came along, it turns out she hates Ben as well. Did I mention she hates being touched?

Nevertheless, she is my cat. Or should I say I am her human and all of us here gladly put up with her. I went through my Multiply albums last night and saw quite a lot of pictures of her. She actually has an album of her own there. Here are some of Miming’s earliest shots that I quite like.


on her first night @ home


she sleeps comfortably on an extra pillow beside my bed


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