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It’s official, the first stray kitty that I took home is also the first kitty that left me. I’m so sad. She was the sweetest of them all. Very young, probably about a month or two. She purrs when I touch her. Calm and well behaved during the hot day but she also gets really […]

I Read!


I started reading at a very young age, the first “books” I’ve ever read is probably the free fairytale pamphlets you get when you buy a can of milk (yung sa Nestle Nido noon, manipis lang siya). Once I learned my ABC’s, after dinner, my Dad would tell me to read it to him and he would […]

Summer Project


I’ve been doodling these weird/cool/sharp/organic-looking shapes for a few years now. It started back when I was bored waiting for calls to come in when I was working at a call center. I just took a piece of paper and armed with a nice gel-inked pen I started doodling. Just whatever shapes my had could […]

Who likes churches? I do! Especially the really old ones or those that look pretty old. I just love looking at them. Here’s a fresh batch of Church photos from Easter Sunday’s Bisita Iglesia. Went to Intramuros to see Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. Was supposed to visit a bunch of other churches but […]

Another woohoo! Didn’t realize there’s actually a top growing blogs category on the Filipino WordPress page. And surprise-surprise…  I’m at the very top. *smiles gratefully*