The Fourth Kind


The best way to watch this movie is on the computer with a good screen and with earphones on. That is if you weren’t able to catch it on the big screen like me. Thanks to uTorrent, I was finally able to watch The Fourth Kind just now.

Well, I’m a sucker for scary movies. The scarier the better and this movie didn’t disappoint. And me blogging about it just minutes after I saw it shows just how I loved it. No other alien flick has made me this scared ever!

I feel like I consciously decided not to watch it in theaters because I thought I just might be disappointed with it.

It seemed like the movie was just capitalizing on the recent success of films that try to pass off as real (read: Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project). While watching it though, I realized the movie wouldn’t have worked any other way. The format in which it is presented is where the strength of this film lies. This is actually the best decision the filmmakers came up with for the film which enabled them to deliver the biggest scares possible. I can’t imagine this movie being as scary had it not also tried to pass itself off as real.

And they even took this format/sub-genre so far as having the lead actress and director telling you right on the film that “this-story-really-happened-and-we’re-gonna-show-you-the-actual-recorded-footage-right beside-the-dramatized-scenes-side-by-side-from-time-to-time”. Talk about crossing the “4th Wall” as if it never even existed.

Milla Jovovich was just amazing and is another reason this movie is worth watching. Never seen her this good. I now place her alongside Jennifer Carpenter (Exorcism of Emily Rose, Quarantine) when it comes to portraying fear and hopelessness. They both know how to do it just right without going OA (over acting).

Anyways, ran out of words. Here’s a trailer just so I can have an excuse to post a video here 😀 If you’re trying to decide whether to watch this film or not, take my word and watch it. If you don’t like it, then go back here and just comment that I’m talking bull shit. After all…

What you believe is yours to decide.


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