Kitty Found… then Lost :(


It’s official, the first stray kitty that I took home is also the first kitty that left me.

I’m so sad. She was the sweetest of them all. Very young, probably about a month or two. She purrs when I touch her. Calm and well behaved during the hot day but she also gets really playful and active at night.

I first met her outside a restaurant my sisters and cousin were eating at after spending an afternoon walking their beagles. It was just last Sunday. She bravely came near the beagles and was probably telling them to leave cos that particular restaurant was her turf. And just like that I fell in love. Her fur was pure white, a little dirty of course, but nothing a sponge bath couldn’t take care of. I started feeding her some morsels and she gladly ate them. She would go under the other tables but when I call her she comes right back. How could I resist taking her home?

(Read more and her picture after the jump)

Pancake by the lamp shade

Pancake by the lamp shade

And then, on her 3rd (unfortunate) night here, I had no choice but to leave her in the second floor terrace to poop in the plant box. I always take her there after meals and she knows it’s time to do her business. I never left her there alone before that night but I had no choice. I have to take care of the needy and clingy Ben the beagle lest he disturbs the people already sleeping (I sleep late ‘cos I’m on summer break from school, thus the go-to guy for midnight dog duties).

I can’t have my new kitty and Ben meet yet or there will be blood so I decided to close the door of the terrace. Then I went straight down to ensure Ben the Beagle doesn’t tear the house down. He was starting to get all hyper too.

So after probably an hour, with Ben sleeping soundly in his cage with his very own electric fan, I went upstairs to check on her. And when I didn’t see any white blur among the gray concrete of the balcony I got this sinking feeling. I called for her but no small meow answered me back. I really felt so sad 😦

It’s been 2 days now. I still have a pouch of Whiskas Kitten food waiting for her in the small chance I find her in the nearby streets and alleys.

I will miss you Pancake. You’ve been a good kitty in the 3 days you were with me.


One Response to “Kitty Found… then Lost :(”

  1. 1 reggie

    ouch… sowee for that

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