Sem Break… Soonish.


Its past 3am on a Monday morning. I don’t usually have the luxury of being up this late (or early, depending on how you look at it) during school season but now that semesteral break is on (not officially though, we still have an hour and a half left for an exam) I can freely resume on my nocturnal habits.

Speaking of school, I’m quite relieved with the news some of my professors told me regarding my final grades. So far so good. No slip ups, no big mistakes, no bagsak 😀 And tama lang naman no, with all the effort I’ve been putting on my studies. I know I’m not the nerdy/studious/over-achiever type (big surprise there given that I chose to be in the medical science field) but I know that I gave this semester my best shot and I do deserve positive outcomes naman. What with all the extra-curriculars I do on the side as well.

By the way, Congrats to all the squads of the recent NCAA Cheerleading Competition, everyone upped their game this year, including the newly established rookies San Beda Red Corps. The most well executed routine came from Mapua, albeit going the “not-so-daring = less-mistakes” route which allowed them to snatch the 2nd spot making last years 2nd placers, the JRU Pep Squad drop to 3rd. The Altas clinched a back-to-back win with a not so perfect performance but they did give the most difficult and technically spot-on routine so I have no complaints there. I’m still rooting for the underdog squads though, and I’m praying that Baste and Benilde  would be on the top 3 next year.


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