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Summer Project


I’ve been doodling these weird/cool/sharp/organic-looking shapes for a few years now. It started back when I was bored waiting for calls to come in when I was working at a call center. I just took a piece of paper and armed with a nice gel-inked pen I started doodling. Just whatever shapes my had could […]

Paper Cranes 2


See? Told ya I’m hooked on paper cranes. And I actually made an even smaller one! Just about the size of a 1 Peso Coin. Look!

Paper Cranes


Origami figures really are much better looking (and more challenging to do) when their made smaller. I’ve learned Origami back when I was a kid and I can still pretty much do the figures I knew how to make back then. The “paper crane” unfortunately I learned quite later when I was preoccupied with other […]

Try Again


Still here… trying out my wordpress blog once more 😀 Seems to be uploading pics pretty well now. Hmmm… Haven’t been updating lately in any of my blogs. I actually made another blog after setting this up because I had some trouble uploading pics here, but now, seems everything is fine again. Anyhow… The pics […]