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I Read!


I started reading at a very young age, the first “books” I’ve ever read is probably the free fairytale pamphlets you get when you buy a can of milk (yung sa Nestle Nido noon, manipis lang siya). Once I learned my ABC’s, after dinner, my Dad would tell me to read it to him and he would […]

Not a big RnB fan but I really like this one. It’s pretty catchy and light.  Charice and Iyaz’ different vocal styles beautifully complement each other. The lyrics are simple enough yet sounds so deep and powerful. Plus it’s Charice!!! It’s Pinoy Pride, come on! Read somewhere she’s gonna be releasing her international debut album […]

Ha! I have no idea what came over me 2 days ago when I first heard this song and said I didn’t like it. Maybe my ears just needed some Q-tips coz now – giving it another go on YouTube – makes me take back what I said the moment I heard the first few […]

The best way to watch this movie is on the computer with a good screen and with earphones on. That is if you weren’t able to catch it on the big screen like me. Thanks to uTorrent, I was finally able to watch The Fourth Kind just now. Well, I’m a sucker for scary movies. […]

GREAT MOVIE OVERALL!!! I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the flight scenes which was just breathtaking on 3D. Most importantly though, I really liked the story. Won’t say anything about it here though. I believe my rusty writing skills just won’t do it any justice. It’s been 3 years since I last blogged remember? 😀 […]