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Its past 3am on a Monday morning. I don’t usually have the luxury of being up this late (or early, depending on how you look at it) during school season but now that semesteral break is on (not officially though, we still have an hour and a half left for an exam) I can freely […]

I don’t know if it was due to the stress of the day, my memory acting up on me, or I just had a bout of extreme stupidity 😦 It turns out that K.pneumoniae and E. cloacae do resemble each other in terms of colonial growth so there was really nothing to fuss about. Hehehe. […]



Today I was able to interpret the results for the biochemical tests I did for my final unknown in Clinical Bacteriology lab. So far, from my last post, we already know that my unknown is a gram (-) bacilli, catalase (+), oxidase (-) with thick non-hemolytic colonies on BAP. The biochem test’s result naman revealed […]

Got the 3rd place for this performance during the TUA Foundation Week Celebrations last Feb.1… can’t complain, we deserve the place we got 😀 I was appointed team captain this year and I was really proud of the squad because the newbies from last year, who are now on their 2nd year of service, really […]

RSCN0652 Gosh, sobrang tamad ko today, 3 out of 4 classes ko ang hindi ko pinasukan… haha! Ok lang naman I guess, di naman ako tagilid sa mga subject na yun. The 4th one is still to start by 4:30 pa pero I’m sure papasok ako dun. I mean I HAVE to attend. Anyway, the […]