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A replica of the galleons that once plied the Philippine-Mexico-Spain trade routes docked in Manila last Oct. 6 at Pier 13, South Harbor, it left for Cebu by Oct. 9. A friend and I was able to see and board it on it’s second day here in Manila. We weren’t too happy with how the […]

Wawa Dam


One boring Saturday afternoon, a friend and I decided to go to Wawa Dam. I’ve been meaning to go there since summer when I’ve read in some blogs that its a nice place for cooling down under the heat of the summer sun. Although I wasn’t able to go last summer, I guess its better […]

My last entry was about me losing a kitten I just “rescued” from the street and that was months ago! That’s just unacceptable. And so in an attempt to update this blog, here’s some pics from me and my family’s recent trip to Palawan.

Who likes churches? I do! Especially the really old ones or those that look pretty old. I just love looking at them. Here’s a fresh batch of Church photos from Easter Sunday’s Bisita Iglesia. Went to Intramuros to see Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. Was supposed to visit a bunch of other churches but […]

face value – Originally uploaded by jeighcee Finally in a foreign country. Woohoo! So I’m here instead of summer class. I arrived last Sunday and so far I’ve visited… 1. Reservatorio (Reservoir) 2. Fisherman’s Wharf 3. Cable Car to Guia Fortress 3. Guia Fortress 4. Senado Square 5. St. Paul Ruins (pictured) 6. Macau Museum […]