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Its past 3am on a Monday morning. I don’t usually have the luxury of being up this late (or early, depending on how you look at it) during school season but now that semesteral break is on (not officially though, we still have an hour and a half left for an exam) I can freely […]

Got the 3rd place for this performance during the TUA Foundation Week Celebrations last Feb.1… can’t complain, we deserve the place we got 😀 I was appointed team captain this year and I was really proud of the squad because the newbies from last year, who are now on their 2nd year of service, really […]

Got the 3rd place spot at the CUSA Cheerleading Competition held last Aug. 24 sa Cuneta Astrodome. It was actually my first time to join the competition through Trinity Dance Troupe. Oh, well. Better luck next time. I guess it’s the year of the underdogs, first-timer University of Assumption – Pampangga and Manuel L. Quezon […]