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My last entry was about me losing a kitten I just “rescued” from the street and that was months ago! That’s just unacceptable. And so in an attempt to update this blog, here’s some pics from me and my family’s recent trip to Palawan. Advertisements

It’s official, the first stray kitty that I took home is also the first kitty that left me. I’m so sad. She was the sweetest of them all. Very young, probably about a month or two. She purrs when I touch her. Calm and well behaved during the hot day but she also gets really […]

I just realized very recently that the word Bitch actually refers to female dogs! But somehow, in the modern sense, that word really fits my cat Miming! Haha. My sister came up with that word to describe her when Miming (pronounced Mee-ming) was being particularly bitchy with Ben (my sister’s  5month old Beagle). Ben was […]