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I don’t know if it was due to the stress of the day, my memory acting up on me, or I just had a bout of extreme stupidity 😦 It turns out that K.pneumoniae and E. cloacae do resemble each other in terms of colonial growth so there was really nothing to fuss about. Hehehe. […]



Today I was able to interpret the results for the biochemical tests I did for my final unknown in Clinical Bacteriology lab. So far, from my last post, we already know that my unknown is a gram (-) bacilli, catalase (+), oxidase (-) with thick non-hemolytic colonies on BAP. The biochem test’s result naman revealed […]

Just wanted to put a record here of my progress in our final unknown in Clinical Bacteriology. We were given a bacterial suspension (the “unknown”) yesterday and we inoculated it in Blood Agar Plates and Mac Conkey Agar media then incubated for 24 hours. Here’s what I came up with when we checked it out […]

The time when parang may topak lahat ng prof at sabay-sabay silang nagpapa-project, nagpapa-exam, nagpapa-finalize at defend ng term papers. At sa di maipaliwanag na dahilan, sinasabayan din ng mga school officials ng kung ano-anong University week, MedTech week, recollection, symposium, dance contest at iba-pang mga events. Yes, its that time again. Sa Trinity University […]